Starting my MSc in Scotland

On Saturday I move to Edinburgh for a year to go back to school and start my research masters in “Anthropology and Sociology of Health and Illness”.

Still feeling really nervous about doing the research rather than taught stream. Maybe once I’m there it will all seem to make more sense – the tutors know I have a lot of interests but not a very focussed idea of how I’m going to bring them all together and point them in some kind of cohesive direction. If it all goes pear shaped I can perhaps change to the taught stream.

So far I’m most keen on psychiatry, marginality in urban areas, illness as a means of deviating from social norms, AIDS and “stigmatised” illnesses, the creation of disease categories, PMT, anger, capitalist work discipline, Mexico… Might need to narrow this down.

The end of the month has crept up on me, and all the reading I planned to do hasn’t amounted to much. Once I am in one place for more than two days I think this is all going to get better!


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